Taiwanese Grunge Band Condemned by TWICE Fans for Releasing A Music Video Inspired by Cho Tzuyu’s Flag Incident

The Taiwanese grunge band Taipei Cases has released a music video “Child Fish”, which was inspired by “Cho Tzuyu’s Flag Incident”. Many fans of the K-pop girl group TWICE took Taipei Cases’ act as an attack to Tzuyu, and condemned Taipei Cases on its Facebook fanpage. (ref: YouTube music video of “Child Fish” with English lyrics and subtitles)

In November 2015, the Taiwanese-born, Korea-based singer Cho Tzuyu, who is a member of the K-pop girl group TWICE under JYP Entertainment, appeared on the Korean variety show “My Little Television”. She introduced herself as Taiwanese and held the ROC flag alongside that of South Korea. The Taiwanese-born, China-based singer Huang An posted this to his Sina Weibo page and accused her of being a Taiwanese independence activist. Soon after, Tzuyu and TWICE’s activities in China were all suspended due to mainland Chinese internet users’ fury aroused by Huang An’s words. On January 15, 2016, JYP Entertainment released a YouTube video of Tzuyu’s apology declaring herself proud to be a Chinese.

On January 15, 2017, the anniversary of “Cho Tzuyu’s Flag Incident”, the Taiwanese grunge band Taipei Cases released a YouTube music video of the single “Child Fish”, which was inspired by this incident. However, plenty of TWICE fans considered this releasing to be an attack to Tzuyu and posted condemning comments on Taipei Cases’ Facebook fanpage.

Many TWICE fans thought this incident was painful and should not be mentioned again. They said “Child Fish” was a song recalling unpleasant memories for them and Tzuyu. (ex: 黃冠馨's comment장지인's comment江怡靜's comment王仲慶's comment林珈瑤's comment毛立強's comment林杰廷's comment陳岳廷's comment진기옥's comment林柏均's commentHaneul Shih's comment비가's comment陳軒綺's comment鄭羽恩's comment林茵茵's comment)

Some said the song title “Child Fish” coincidentally was the same as an insulting nickname which was given by mainland Chinese trollers on the internet. Therefore they believed that Taipei Cases made this song with bad intention to insult Tzuyu. (ex: Foy Kuber's comment莊亞瑧's comment)

Even some took this song as Taipei Cases’ tribute to Huang An. (ex: 陳文皓's comment邱以潔's commentTiffany Liy's commentKen Chen's comment唐郁捷's comment)

Many asked Taipei Cases to remove “Child Fish” from the internet. And some of them tried reporting Taipei Cases’ posts as inappropriate or abusive content to Facebook. (ex: 朱曉天's comment賴依萱's comment陳穩's comment한하진's comment林琴海's commentErica Toon Chingwen's comment陳穩's comment진기옥's comment洪焯嵐's comment許倢萀's comment陳彤宜's comment何子涵's comment林琴海's comment陳至浩's comment安那's comment李毅倫's comment吳振豪's comment李季純's comment王郁翔's comment洪雅柔's comment)。

Taipei Cases has made statements on its Facebook fanpage. Taipei Cases said they made “Child Fish” without any harmful intentions and believed that this music video was quite misunderstood by those angry fans of TWICE. In the statements, Taipei Cases also invited TWICE fans to read the lyrics of “Child Fish” in order to clarify the misunderstanding. (ex: Taipei Cases' comment 1 and comment 2)

In spite of its explanation, Taipei Cases has not been fully understood by many TWICE fans. And “Child Fish” is now still available on YouTube.

(edited. March 29, 2017)

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